IBM Applies to Patent Value Network Analysis (VNA) For IT


A method and a system for relating of a value network analysis of a mission to a knowledge base of dependencies of data objects, applications and information technology resources required for achieving of such mission, such method used for optimization of provisioning for information technology resources and for prioritizing of control of data and application security and integrity of such mission.


 USPTO Patent Application 20090307174

Technically, a value network can be represented as a direct graph where the nodes represent network participants and the edges show the flow of material objects and non-material (intangible) values such as information or brand recognition values in the network. Generally, VNA is used to quantitatively analyze the flow of tangible and intangible assets in business networks.

While VNA is used to discover hidden relationships between tangible and intangible flows in the enterprises, Community Knowledge Systems (CKS) and information mining system are used to create Value Network topologies and related value exchange processes.

It would be highly desirable to provide a technique for connecting the knowledge about missions discovered using VNA and corresponding data relations modeling systems (Galapagos and provenance-aware systems) to create a method and a system that would allow for optimization of provisioning for IT resources, and for prioritizing of control for data and application security and integrity.


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