Social Media Excellence – Today’s Five C’s (2)


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  • Coordination

Coordination of social media activities creates excellence. Mastery of media flow is achieved though deliberate orchestration. Coordinate but do not constrain. Cultivate but do not control. Author the starting conditions that allow media emergence and self-organization to flourish. Lay your focus on flow not stock. Compose, combine and synchronize activities to assure open, flourishing social media flow paths. Triangulate purpose with content and consumption for social media excellence.

  • Commitment

Social media excellence is hard work. It must be charged as a principle activity to achieve your goals. Social media can be spontaneous and opportunistic, but the principal activities are never casual or ad hoc. Commitment means engaging with your environment. It means deliberately pursuing social interactions. It means getting out for kinetic involvement with your social networks. Like most things in life, commitment determines success.

  • Confidence

Have confidence in your social media activities. Contagious confidence creates social media excellence. You are interesting, with interesting ideas, so go tell it on the mountain. Milquetoasts and shrinking violets have no place in social media. Authority is the product of your cool confidence in your mission. Unveil your sanguine élan with poise, determination, courage and perseverance. Confidence impels credibility, delivers followers and assures positive outcomes from social media.

  • Comprehension

Understand social media. Allow flow metrics to inform your strategies and execution. Learn the media you make is equal to the media you take. Publish and share your social metrics with customers. Think. Train yourself on new media. Measure the past but focus on the future. Measures are not goals so keep them separate. Retire process thinking adopt the network mindset. In all social media activities practice holism and systems thinking. Perpetually develop and deepen performance capacity. Comprehension drives social media mastery and excellence.

  • Cultivation

Cultivate social media. Visualize and nurture your social networks. Get your social graph. Identify and broker the structural holes. Embrace variation and diversity in your relationships. Play different roles. Develop a broad dynamic range. Promote the social media activities of those in your network. Cultivating worthwhile and friendly relationships. Foster interaction to develop overall well-being, social media excellence and prosperity.

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